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Are bracelets and bracelets different?

1. How to distinguish bracelets and bracelets In the jewelry industry, bracelets are the general term for all jewelry models worn on the wrist. Includes many types of materials such as leather rings, metal rings, gemstone rings, jade rings, … Meanwhile, hand shaking is the term to refer to the …

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How to use jewelry properly?

Fashion travel personality

Currently, there are many types of jewelry with eye-catching designs and designs. However, to choose a product that is suitable for each situation and use purpose is not easy at all. To help girls find the right jewelry to enhance their beauty, let’s find out the perfect suggestions when choosing …

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The wedding ring is a symbol of love and connection between two souls and is also something that the bride and groom will use for a long time. A beautiful ring is a ring that fits the owner’s hand, style and personality. So how to choose a wedding like you …

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How much is the Dior x Air Jordan 1 shoe?


In recent days, in the shoe lovers community, especially the Nerve of Shoes, whispers about the hundred million shoes – Dior x Air Jordan 1 shoes – with quite a lot of criticism. The following article will evaluate the Dior x Air Jordan 1 to see if this shoe is …

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Hot sports shoes are welcomed by people


Gucci Flashtrek Sneakers This shoe was introduced in Gucci’s Fall Winter 2018 collection. The product has a strong design that feels like military shoes. Shoes with 4 color combinations, which are gray, moss, brown, red – orange – blue combination, bring choices to customers in a simple, elegant or youthful …

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Zodiac Fashion – Find your own “IT-bag” bag (part 2)


LIBRA – JACQUEMUS LE CHIQUITO BAG Jacquemus’s Le Chiquito handbag is an embodiment accessory for the beautiful, conscientious and practical Libra girls. With creative thinking and love of difference, Thien Binh will always give appreciation to a unique “modest” sized handbag that is handcrafted from calfskin of a French fashion …

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