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Little-known facts about real leather handbags in the world fashion map

If you are the first time owner, using a genuine leather handbag you will definitely not know the interesting things about this product. What are these interesting things? Is it important to use a bag? Please refer together!

The more you use the new

Different from handbags made of fabric or imitation leather, genuine leather handbags have an extremely perfect gloss when it receives constant friction during use. When you need to store this bag in front of agents such as table tops, clothes, … the gloss of the bag may not be as desired. In contrast, the more you use a handbag, the more friction the bag is with the cloth or its surface equivalent, the more shiny it will look and the more the bag looks like a new product.

Super-limited to 10 years or more

Genuine leather contributes to this feature as you use your bag in any conditions and circumstances. The extremely good elasticity of the real leather surface (not torn by hand, normal needle penetration does not pass) makes the product’s absolute durability. Especially if you can own a handbag made of crocodile leather, this feature is very clear.

Real leather handbags make her so luxurious

Real leather handbags make her so luxurious
Real leather handbags make her so luxurious

100% handmade goods come from skilled craftsmen

The high price of genuine leather handbags in the market is partly influenced by the leather material, the rest is influenced by the way the handbag is processed. Leather is not easy to find, so the craftsman pays great attention to the design and sewing of the bag with his skillful hands, which helps to create the most thoughtful values inside the bag. The eyelid folding and skin grafting technique is 100% handcrafted for a very long time, making this product valuable.

There is no similarity in patterns – patterns on the surface

Real skin is naturally formed on the body of animals, so the similarity of the skin texture on the surface of the animal at different positions on the same skin layer is unreasonable. If you look closely at genuine leather handbags made from the same leather (crocodile skin, ostrich foot skin, …) you will not see the resemblance in shape or distribution of patterns. At this point your bag looks like a limited edition and often few people pay attention to this feature of the handbag.

Genuine leather handbags are very standard form
Genuine leather handbags are very standard form

Buying genuine leather handbags to use and discover these secrets of real leather is the right thing to do with trypurity12.com!

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